Services / Roll-out Management Service

Roll-Out Management Service is a full service project management offering. It is a stand-alone service which can be delivered independent of whoever provides the telecom implementation (TI) service. It encompasses all services necessary to manage and support the installation, commissioning, integration, and testing and acceptance of the network element components comprising a mobile telecommunications network. This service is limited to management and administration functions and does not   include the   TI   resources   necessary   to   satisfy implementation objectives. Services provided in this offering may, depending on the defined scope of work, include:

  • Management of the customer interface for all issues pertaining to roll-out
  • Planning and scheduling of site roll-out in compliance with project roll-out schedule
  • Risk Management
  • Equipment / materials ordering
  • Inventory management
  • Telecom Implementation coordination & management
  • Health & safety
  • Milestone reporting and update
  • Purchase order / change order management
  • Invoice reconciliation against purchase orders / change orders
  • Cost control
  • Acceptance
  • Progress reporting